Walnut Hills Cemetery is one of
    Cincinnati's oldest, operating
    establishments.  It opened in1843
    under the name of "The Second German
    Protestant Cemetery" and comprised
    of about 5 acres. The first meeting was
    held on Feb. 6, 1843, the first lots were
    recorded as sold on May 4, 1843 and the
    first burials were made on June 30, 1843. The original incorporators
    were Louis Wehmer, Charles Wolf, August Frieman, C.F. Bultmann and
    Hermann Ficke.

    On Sept. 25, 1941, the name was officially changed to Walnut Hills Cemetery.
    This was done to eliminate some of the confusion with "The First German
    Protestant Cemetery" located in the 3600 block of Reading Road. That
    cemetery, which opened in 1802,  had been closed for burials since 1864
    after many victims of the cholera epidemics in Cincinnati in 1849 and 1864
    had been buried there. It was thought at the time that even touching the
    bones could spread the cholera germ again and start another epidemic.

    Currently, the cemetery sits on over 70
    rolling acres of Walnut Hills in Cincinnati, OH
    with over 50,000 burials. In support of the
    community and in conjunction with
    WEBN, each October there is a "Run Like Hell"
    5K marathon to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis
    Foundation supported by the cemetery.
    Approximately 3,000 runners dash through
    this historic graveyard as part of the course.
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Walnut Hills Cemetery